- #1 Copper
- #2 Copper
- Light Copper
- Aluminum

- Irony Aluminum
- Electric Motors
- Light Iron
- Heavy Iron

- Motor oil, hydraulic oil, or fuel
- CFC's- Freon
- Radiation
- Hazardous chemicals


We are happy to buy your scrap but first we would like to make you aware of the rules of our yard. By and large most people are familiar with acceptable scrap metals, however, there area many items that we DO NOT ACCEPT! Please note that we reserve the right to reject any materials that we deem unacceptable for any reason. Our yard is under 24 hours video surveillance and all scrap metal brought to our yard is recorded and reported to DE State Police daily so no stolen items will be accepted.

- Fire extinguishers
- Tires
- Concrete
- Televisions and computer monitors

- Aluminum Cans
- Insulated Copper Wire
- Lead

- Brass Rads

OPEN 6 Days A Week! 

Monday - Friday: 7:30am to 5pm

Saturday: 9am to 1pm

Sunday: Closed

SJM Metal Recycling
469 Old Airport Rd New Castle, DE 19720
P) 302-276-2616

**This is only a partial list and does not represent all unacceptable items.  If you have a questionable item, please don't hesitate to ask.  Our employees and customers' safety is of utmost importance.  Thank you for compliance in advance.

- Light ballasts containing PCBs
- Asbestos
- Non-metallic (wood, paper, cardboard, or plastics)
- Closed containers/tanks - unless it is cut completely in half and cleaned out

- Brass
- Stainless Steel
- Al/Cu Rads
- Al/Al Rads


We buy the following items: